Thursday, September 30, 2010

2 days dah tak pergi school. Over slept grr 2 hari tak tidur buat accounts jadah tu. Goddd eyebags -.- Hm malu nak keluar rumah dengan mata sembabnya. Well today ada qiamulail kat sekolah sampai esok pagi so malam kang tak boleh nak update. Tomorrow i'll update about what happen pasal qiamulail eh. Hee izza buat open house pulakesok but heh tak tau nak pergi ke tak. Jauh dengg plus tuition lagi. Got to ask alif first dia nak ikut ke tak, takkan nak pergi sorang kan. Haa Mynn cakap Nyna and Rabby nak jumpa, alololo i tak sure tau awak awak. Kang tak jadi datang sakit hati je kan. Haha anything I roger eh
Sumpah aku benci kau doo. Ada problem baru terhegeh hegeh nak cari aku kan. Oh that time baru mengaku aku ni kawan kau. Before this kutuk, mengumpat pasal aku fuhh tak ingat dunia. Now dah susah, dah takda siapa nak kawan dengan kau baru merangkak cari aku balik. Heh sorry la eh, after apa kau dah buat kat aku, I will NEVER EVER accept or admit that you are my friend before. Hesh buang masa je doo aku fikir pasal kau. May you have such a good life la eh

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm turned like this since last week and my eyebags grr like shit just because of doing accounts project. Have to submit the thingy by this Friday and hell yeah ! -.-''

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yeah thats totally right baby :) Haha just stalked my bf's video. Gila la you ni Busuk! Haha sumpah tak pecaya tu you doo, gedik gila ! Eh lupa, you memang gedik pun kan haha. Love you, sayang

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today got new hairstlye, cewahh poyo gitu. Haha act today nothing much to write, just a few things happened. Oh, yesterday like best gila. Hang around until 12 lebih macam tu. Haha macam tak biasa balik malam pulak kan ? Big 'L' ! Hee gelak memang selagi tak bahak selagi tu la tak stop kan. Haha gila la you ni bie. Sumpah macam nak pecah perut tau. Hesh abang dengan adik sama je 2x5 suka membahan but nasib baik i tak dibabitkan sekali. Haha but its okay, at least lepak tak bosan sangat kan kan ? Anyway, today memang penat sungguh tauk -.-' Now like 4 am in the morning and i'm still woke up finishing my accounts project. Grrr since at rumah Fanny tadi till now, only 15 documents done. Others, go to hell -.- Dateline, next Friday. WTF !

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy plus Tired day

Schedule for today was totally damn packed ! Pagi pergi tuition. Balik get ready nak keluar celebrate anniversary, ehem ehem haha then balik rumah siap nak pergi open house rumah sedara pulak. Haa nasib baik malam ni tak jadi pergi rumah nenek. Kalau tak, mati kepenatan aku -.- Haa ni nak cerita pasal anniversary saya dulu. Hee i tunggu my Busuk pergh lama jugak laa. Lapar pulak tu. Heh i nampak je dia terus hug dia. God i'm miss you BADLY -.- Then masuk eco cafe. The place was nice, for couple okay la kot. Environment dia wahh romantic but food dia god totally organic ! Mana kena dengan tekak Melayu aku ni haa. He holding my hands, he kissed me. Awww i miss all that bie. Then he suddenly whispered, "Baby, i love you so much and Happy Anniversary baby" Pergh macam nak meleleh air mata but tahan tahan. Hee i replied, " I love you too, i miss you so much and Happy Anniversary too". Both smiled :) I gave him present :) Bie, i know you really want that thing so i hope you take a good care of that okay. I was so damn happy today and thanks for the lunch bie. I ♥ You so much, Alif.

Okay, NEXT !

Haa open house tadi. Ehem sampai je Ya Allah sesat pulak. Almaklumlah dah berapa lama tak pergi memang tak ingat jalan la. Pastu ada my dua pupu, Adam tunggu kat tepi jalan. First tak cam dia langsung sebab last time jumpa dia kecik lagi, darjah macam tu la. Then dia tetiba masuk kereta. I was like "Heh sapa ni ?" Tengok mama kenal je oh sedara la tu. So entah apasal mood happy pulak that time haa tegur la. Muka adodo boleh tahan. Hee jangan marah eh Busuk ? Haha i tanya "Nama sapa ? " He, "Oh Adam" Then i was like "Haa Adam ? Eh form berapa ni ?" He, "Form 2" Hm sudah, terlepas ! Okay conversation stops there. Then dia tunjuk jalan suma, turun car ramai serbu mama doo. Saya pun terhimpit sekali la kan. Hesh sabar sabar. Then salam suma, ramai sangat penat tunduk ni ha. Tengok cousins suma, alolo besar dah korang. Sumpah tak cam. Yang kecik kecik suma adodo cute cute. Geram pulek haha. Makan, borak dengan yang kenal suma suddenly, haa jeng jeng jeng ada guy tegur. Hesh sapa pulak ni ? Oh dua pupu jugak, Aizat. Older than me, 19 or 20 i think. He nice, friendly and he likes kids :) Kira Aizat sorang jela yang friendly kan yang lain like shame shame gitu haha. Bla bla bla penat makan, borak apa suma mama pun macam nak balik je so balik la. The end ♥

Friday, September 17, 2010

Death, departure, walk away, walk out
Should I or should I not ?
Family and friends
Lovers and one-night stands

I have loved, lost and lived
How do I trust, how do I love again ?
I should move on, it's all in my past
But my pain remains, continues and lasts

This pain lingers in my heart, mind and soul
Damn it ! why is this world so cold ?
How can I have faith in God and family ?
When people I love are taken from me

Where can I find true and loyal friends ?
I'm sick of the lies, fights and revenge
Hurt continuously, hurt at a young age
How do I love again with all of my rage ?

How do I get past all of this ?
Show me a sign
So I can leave my sadness
Pain and crying behind

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Arwah Hakimi :"(

Last night before tidur suddenly teringat kat arwah. Ya Allah kenapa cepat sangat kau ambik dia ? Tak sempat mintak maaf kat dia pun. Wishing him 'Happy Eid' on malam raya, thats the last text i've sent to his numb. Kimmy, semoga you tenang kat alam sana and I will miss you. Yes, I will. You such a good friend i've ever had and you macam my big bro. Always marah i if i termenggedik ke apa. Seriously i terasa kehilangan seorang kawan. I'm so sorry for what i've done to you, time kita otp i ada terkasar bahasa till you terasa ke, i bergurau tak bertempat semua and i'm so sorry tak dapat tolong you and thats the thing yang i menyesal sangat tak buat before you pergi. So sorry Kimmy :'( We here will always pray for you and may Allah bless you and place you in good mankind. AL-FATIHAH
Well since i've been asked to write about this random thingy, tulis je la kan :)

1. I'm the one who stay with 'Family first' principle
2. I love myself and i'm kinda stubborn :)
3. I'm a straight forward person and i don't like to be selfish. I am who i am okay
4. I ♥ you if you ♥ me
5. I ♥ my bf
6. I want to gain weight :(
7. Me likey to stay up late, on the phone with my bf. Awww ♥
8. Mamak is my favourite spot to lepak rather than Pavi or BB because its too pack with humans !
9. Nina likes to sleep you know ? Heee
10. I'm not kinda like a study hard peeps
11. I'm bad in teaching so teacher is not a suitable career for me
12. I don't like Physics -.-' but sooooo into Biology, ngeee :)
13. Wanna lots of cash $$$ and Lancer car, OMG !
14. Shoppaholic type
15. Don't have BFF right now and i don't think i wanna have one :) I'm happy with my girls now
16. My mommy is everything for me, awww i ♥ you mama :D
17. Can't live without my phone, cash, lappy and food
18. I'm bad in cooking -.-''
19. Dr Nina Shahira : I will use the name tag where my name wrote on it once i become a nutritionist :)
20. Music is my life. But but currently i'm dip in KOREA SONGS !
21. Not branded type, as long as it looks nice on me yeah it's mine !
22. I'm a good eater, HAHA
23. I'm different in photos and face-to-face, right guys ?
24. Me likes babies :)
25. SPM candidates for 2011. Errr -.-'''

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another friend left me :'(

This afternoon, i received a text from my friend's gf and says that my friend was died two days back because of drowning in the river :'( Ya Allah kesian dia. For those yang kenal Kimmy Neutron, pray lots for him and may he peace in the other world, amin. Takziah to his family :"(

My house buat err kinda open house jugak laa,more to beraya actually. Tak ramai pun datang, just my mum's friend and a few friends of mine. Mama masak soto, awww my favourite :) Rindu gila kot kat Syirah and Khairunnisa :) Lama gila lost contact dengan korang. Then dah gather macam ni, haa pot pet pot pet laa kerja kitaorang. Haha petang sikit my petsis, her cousin and friend datang. So there she is and for Syirah and Khairunnisa, sorry tak sempat snap tadi -.-

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This is how my homeworks look alike for 13 days of school hols. And i dont touch even one book. Plus i dont have an idea when i want to settle it -.-'


Godddd, I ♥ Supra ! Wish ehem ehem someone will give me this on my 17th birthday next year :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to You ♥

This special cake is for my petsis, FATIN IZZATI BAZLI. Happy 19th Birthday kakak :) I ♥ You

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Haaa depan giant kau berposing haha

Yee yee cantik dah jari jemari tu sayang haha

Babies ♥

Got kisses, awww ♥
Today was so damn fun ! Haha spent time with my sisters. Awww ♥ you. Hee woke up in the morning, dia dah text 'Bila korang nak datang ? What time ? Kat mana now ?' Haha tak tau menyabar yee kau budak. Haha siap siap, ingat nak pakai baju kurung cehh pergi beraya laa katakan. But tengok luar bapak terik heh tarik jela baju yang mana nampak. Then sampai depan rumah itu budak, hug hug, kiss kiss, chit chat, makan makan, tolong dia get ready haa apa lagi merayap laa kan. Haha tengok kedai suma tutup haih almaklumlah orang sibuk beraya kita sibuk nak melepak. Haa padan laa muka tu. Last last pergi giant jela kat Desa Petaling tu, haa nasib baik bukak. Dia cakap ada cinema kat atas giant tu. Actually malas nak tengok movie, yela ingat nak jalan jalan, take shot sana sini, yela rindu laa katakan. Last last two vs one kan sah sah yang one tu kalah. Haha dah makan makan, beli tickets jom tengok Piranha. Omeegee aku benci gila that movie ! Sumpah kalau orang nak belanja pun aku taknak tengok. Bapak seram siak cerita dia, kalah ju onn suma tu. Hesh menyesal tauk ! Haha nevahmind laa, demi adik angkat tersayang kan awww. Lepas tu rasa macam kerja, main timbang berat laa, kerusi urut laa. Wooo sedap tu kena urut. Haha then balik. THE END.

To my beloved Fany,
I had a great moments with you today. Eventho plan macam tak berapa nak jalan kan haha but i'm happy. Thanks sayang. I lap you ♥

And to my Busuk,
Sumpah i rindu you gila tauk. Hm take a good care of yourself and I ♥ You, Alif

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Raya Eid :D

First day raya baru nak update. Haha lappy hilang selama seminggu maklang bawak lari pulekkk. As you guys know, school will be closed for about 2 weeks. Yayyyyyyyy :) Macam biasa there's tons of homework need to be done (derr buat ke kau ?) Haha but but but Ahad, Isnin, Selasa and Rabu mama dah booking so tak boleh pergi mana mana kena cat rumah suma wooo :( Haih tkpa laa, nak raya dah so kena laa ikut cakap mamaku tersayang. Haha Khamis shopping for the last time with my beloved papa and my buddies. Away to BB laa kan mana lagi. Wahh agak banyak jugak yee saya ketuk papa saya. Alaa once a year terbang thousands kan tak salah pun kan. Haha this year raya ohmyy memang sakan gila. Rumah new painted, fully furnished, ehem ehem saya pun head to toe baru tau :D Hee whatever laa semua tu, raya pun macam tak best je this year. Hmm my Busuk balik kampung, awww rindu you tau tak sayang ? Sepuluh hari pulak tu tak jumpa you. Sibuk beraya kat Perak sana. Haa nasib baik sehari sepuluh kali you call i. Kalau tak, belasah nanti. Haha tkpa i tunggu you balik kita celebrate anniversary sama sama okay ?

First day Eid, pagi pagi bangun jantung hati kejutkan, dengar orang takbir Godddd sedih gila. This year dah 4 years celebrate raya without my papa. Like before, yang lelaki semua pergi sembahyang raya. Yang perempuan sibuk kat dapur ketang ketung semua. Then dorang balik, semua anak anak lined up nak mintak maaf, menangis huhaaaa huhaaaa, dapat duit raya, makan tak ingat dunia punya, get ready nak pergi rumah nenek pulka. Memang sedih bila teringat time tu. But it's okay, i still have my mommy what, happy jugak kan. Err bytheway, back to reality, haha dah siap bersolek semua, makan, mintak maaf then ontheway to rumah nenek. After that, tak tau nak buat apa plus boring, haha mama ajak pergi beraya kat rumah PM :D Agak best jugak laa, pak Arab ramai yoo. Haha dah penat melantak, salam para menteri semua cewahhh haha balik laa apa lagi. Penat jugak laa first day raya this year but i happy :D