Thursday, September 16, 2010

Well since i've been asked to write about this random thingy, tulis je la kan :)

1. I'm the one who stay with 'Family first' principle
2. I love myself and i'm kinda stubborn :)
3. I'm a straight forward person and i don't like to be selfish. I am who i am okay
4. I ♥ you if you ♥ me
5. I ♥ my bf
6. I want to gain weight :(
7. Me likey to stay up late, on the phone with my bf. Awww ♥
8. Mamak is my favourite spot to lepak rather than Pavi or BB because its too pack with humans !
9. Nina likes to sleep you know ? Heee
10. I'm not kinda like a study hard peeps
11. I'm bad in teaching so teacher is not a suitable career for me
12. I don't like Physics -.-' but sooooo into Biology, ngeee :)
13. Wanna lots of cash $$$ and Lancer car, OMG !
14. Shoppaholic type
15. Don't have BFF right now and i don't think i wanna have one :) I'm happy with my girls now
16. My mommy is everything for me, awww i ♥ you mama :D
17. Can't live without my phone, cash, lappy and food
18. I'm bad in cooking -.-''
19. Dr Nina Shahira : I will use the name tag where my name wrote on it once i become a nutritionist :)
20. Music is my life. But but currently i'm dip in KOREA SONGS !
21. Not branded type, as long as it looks nice on me yeah it's mine !
22. I'm a good eater, HAHA
23. I'm different in photos and face-to-face, right guys ?
24. Me likes babies :)
25. SPM candidates for 2011. Errr -.-'''