Friday, October 29, 2010

Blaa Blaa Blaa

Okay, rindu blog ! Grr dah lama tak update kan. Ini semua gara gara final. Haha as you guys can see, now SEMUA PELAJAR SEKOLAH MENENGAH DI MALAYSIA SEDANG MENGHADAPI PEPERIKSAAN AKHIR TAHUN BAGI TAHUN 2010. Hee and for me, dah sah sah dalam kelas dapat carta terakhir ! Hoho sebab missed out 7 papers in 4 days ! Wahhh cooliooo kan ? *sigh. Well actually padan la muka tu. Menggedik nak demam sangat kan. Kejap sakit mata la, demam la itu la ini la. Hesh bagus bagus bagus ! Haha mangkuk betul saya ni.

Haaa btw btw, final left only a few days then I merdeka dah. Through this exam's week, supposely kena study right ? But me and my girls ada plan so stupid planning for holi nanti. Haha excited dah ni. Well bak kata Zara, "Alaaa final je pun weh, SPM belum lagi" Yeahhh memang I teruja gila dengar kata kata hikmat itu. Haha bukan tak nak buat bersungguh-sungguh, just not enough preparations and till now, I still lembab nak tangkap SPM format for all the papers in all subjects. Ngehh capital 'L' for me :)

Nahh, ni some beautiful words yang I suka baca.

love is like Addmath
its complicated
need to work hard
to solve problems

love is like Physics
it has many concepts
many principle
hold to the principle
to make it last

love is like Chemistry
need a lot of attention
to detect even a small change
if u found a right solvent and solute
it will be a good solution

love is like Biology
many things have to remember
from start, to process, to end

Actually love is more complicated than all the subjects
but all the subjects are more IMPORTANT than love

if you're lost in love,
you're just a broken heart
but if you're lost in studies,
it'll break and ruin your whole life

Nice huhh ? Since I'm in science stream, kira boleh hayati jugak la words ni kan haha. So from now on, I must be serious in my studies because next year SPM dah wok ! Hello wake up wake up, sedarkan diri anda tu Nyna oiii !Nothing else can say, pray for me and may we be success in life together :)