Saturday, October 16, 2010


Previously I've just read a unknown girl's blog. I saw her newest entry was about her died boyfriend. Ya Allah that was so damn sad man :'( I've almost cried when she wrote from the different attitude that his boyfriend showed up till he's gone. His boy kept on said to her, "B, jangan tinggalkan I kay ? I sayang you sangat sangat. Ingat ni" It was so sad weh. Hm I'm afraid that thing will happen to me. Ajal maut di tangan Tuhan kan ? We don't know when is our time to meet Him. When I read it, I was thinking of my boy. He was in Perak now. Hmmmmm. I hope his family and him will be safe when ontheway back home tomorrow. Balik nanti elok elok tau sayang ? I'm damn missing you b. Trully I am :'(


Exam around the corner. Preparation macam haram. Hesh takut wok =.= Even dah baca, revise banyak kali pun, rasa macam nothing je in my head. Grrr thank God first week paper takda la pressure sangat. Still got time to revise the hard subjects. So, wish me luck and I won't be update this blog for 13 days (i think), due to exam week.

Till here,