Friday, December 31, 2010


I know dah lama gila tak update. Tak busy pun saja and malas sebab kalau update orang mengutuk so baik diam. Btw, tadi baru godek blog Zara. To her, awhhh so sweet entry kau this time. So for those yang nak tau apa dia tulis, search

And about the title, nevertheless its my bf. Muhammad Alif, thanks for being in my life. Thanks for your patiences. Thanks for loving me for who i am. Easy, thanks for everything. You really thought me a lot. I don't know what i'm gonna be if i didn't found you. Its been 4 months and i love each time we spent together as a couple. I love each pieces of you sayang. You perfect me well as human being. I want to discover and know more of you in future.

Lastly, hope 2011 will be our better year ever. For my 94's batch, SPM is coming so good luck guys :)