Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kenapa Pakai Tudung ?

Okay maybe its gonna be a BIG QUESTION MARK in your head. Weird jugak kenapa Nina Shahira nak pakai tudung. Before this, dia biasa dengan casual wear without any cover on her head. But but but, everyone deserve better changes in life right ? So, I've decided to step forward by changing the old me and wear head cover for new Nyna.

Firstly memang lah kinda tak ready, keep thinking apa impression orang dekat kita if kita pakai tudung which its a good thing. But I dont mind what people gonna think about how I look when i wear shawl. Wearing shawl doesn't mean that we can't dress according to trend nowadays. Its about how we carry ourselves in public.

Now, I'm still learning about cover out the whole things. Pray for my migration :)