Thursday, July 29, 2010

Breathing back :D

Now i can continue my new life with new spirit in myself. Its true what's one of my friends said " You must move on even though they leaved you. You still have me and other girls if you need us " Awww so touched :') But anyway at least i learned from past and i still have friends who willing to be with me. Thanks guys :D Seminggu tk pergi sekolah hesh sumpah bosan ! Terperap dekat hospital grr tk best tauk ! -.- Haiyoo next 2 weeks nak exam dah, brain still in freezing temperature gosh HOW HOW HOW ?! Hm try my best and improve my gred, yeah that's the ONLY solution nk jaga hati mama. Haha raya nak dekat kan so this year i nak bergaya haa vogue gitu ! By the way, I love you Alif