Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Girl :)

When a girl is quite,

Millions of things are running in her mind

When a girl is not arguing,

She is thinking deeply

When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions,

She is wondering how long you will be around

When a girl answers “I’m fine” after a few seconds,

She is not at all fine

When a girl stress at you,

She is wondering why you are lying

When a girl lays on you chest,

She is wishing for you to be hers forever

When a girl calls you everyday,

She is seeking for your attention

When a girl text you everyday,

She wants you to reply her at least once

When a girl says ‘I Love You’,

She means it

When a girl says that she can’t live without you,

She has made up her mind that you are her future

When a girl says ‘I Miss You’,

That’s mean no one in this world can miss you more than her

*For guys, appreciate and love your girl when she is around :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Blaa Blaa Blaa

Okay, rindu blog ! Grr dah lama tak update kan. Ini semua gara gara final. Haha as you guys can see, now SEMUA PELAJAR SEKOLAH MENENGAH DI MALAYSIA SEDANG MENGHADAPI PEPERIKSAAN AKHIR TAHUN BAGI TAHUN 2010. Hee and for me, dah sah sah dalam kelas dapat carta terakhir ! Hoho sebab missed out 7 papers in 4 days ! Wahhh cooliooo kan ? *sigh. Well actually padan la muka tu. Menggedik nak demam sangat kan. Kejap sakit mata la, demam la itu la ini la. Hesh bagus bagus bagus ! Haha mangkuk betul saya ni.

Haaa btw btw, final left only a few days then I merdeka dah. Through this exam's week, supposely kena study right ? But me and my girls ada plan so stupid planning for holi nanti. Haha excited dah ni. Well bak kata Zara, "Alaaa final je pun weh, SPM belum lagi" Yeahhh memang I teruja gila dengar kata kata hikmat itu. Haha bukan tak nak buat bersungguh-sungguh, just not enough preparations and till now, I still lembab nak tangkap SPM format for all the papers in all subjects. Ngehh capital 'L' for me :)

Nahh, ni some beautiful words yang I suka baca.

love is like Addmath
its complicated
need to work hard
to solve problems

love is like Physics
it has many concepts
many principle
hold to the principle
to make it last

love is like Chemistry
need a lot of attention
to detect even a small change
if u found a right solvent and solute
it will be a good solution

love is like Biology
many things have to remember
from start, to process, to end

Actually love is more complicated than all the subjects
but all the subjects are more IMPORTANT than love

if you're lost in love,
you're just a broken heart
but if you're lost in studies,
it'll break and ruin your whole life

Nice huhh ? Since I'm in science stream, kira boleh hayati jugak la words ni kan haha. So from now on, I must be serious in my studies because next year SPM dah wok ! Hello wake up wake up, sedarkan diri anda tu Nyna oiii !Nothing else can say, pray for me and may we be success in life together :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Second Month's Anniversary baby ♥

I'm so happy today :D Awww thanks to you b heee. Dah 2 months kan kita together gether ? Heee thanks for making my day happy and happier. Baru ada semangat nak jawab exam esok. Gila gedsss saya ni, haha kesah pulak aku kan. Well nasib you ah b dapat i. haha GEDIK ! And and thanks for the doughnuts. Padan muka kena paksa makan ! Hee btw, good luck in your final exam tau. Wish me lots of luck too. I love you, Muhammad Alif

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Previously I've just read a unknown girl's blog. I saw her newest entry was about her died boyfriend. Ya Allah that was so damn sad man :'( I've almost cried when she wrote from the different attitude that his boyfriend showed up till he's gone. His boy kept on said to her, "B, jangan tinggalkan I kay ? I sayang you sangat sangat. Ingat ni" It was so sad weh. Hm I'm afraid that thing will happen to me. Ajal maut di tangan Tuhan kan ? We don't know when is our time to meet Him. When I read it, I was thinking of my boy. He was in Perak now. Hmmmmm. I hope his family and him will be safe when ontheway back home tomorrow. Balik nanti elok elok tau sayang ? I'm damn missing you b. Trully I am :'(


Exam around the corner. Preparation macam haram. Hesh takut wok =.= Even dah baca, revise banyak kali pun, rasa macam nothing je in my head. Grrr thank God first week paper takda la pressure sangat. Still got time to revise the hard subjects. So, wish me luck and I won't be update this blog for 13 days (i think), due to exam week.

Till here,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

SONY AINO, awwww me likey ♥ Mama, i want one :'(

Monday, October 11, 2010

EXAMS IS COMINGGGGG =.= 18.10.10, Goddd my second anniversary with him and i need to face this exams. Grrr start by 18 Oct ends by 10 Nov. Yeah great, 3 weeks ++ okay. How can i stand with that ? My head : Totally not enough of knowledge, haha. Just hope for the tuition notes and yeah i did some by myself for certain subjects only, hoho. So, what to do. Just sit, write something on the test pad, give everything whats in your head in one shot and pommm ! The End of 2010 school session, Hooyeayyyy :D
This is what i dreamed of this while. I do miss both of you. I'm glad we're back like before :') And sorry teringgal Zara Cullen tu, haha

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hazel cheese

Chocolate Indulgence

Awww dapat dua cakes sekali gus, haha my favourite. Hee thanks b

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nine Ten Two O One O

Yesterday at Biela's housieee :D

Awesome baby :) I'd really sweet day yesterday. Only God know how happy i am. Being there with my bf and lovely friends. Finally kita reunite jugak kan ? Awwww thank God for that.

To Rabby and Izza, miss you guys tau haha. Happy gila mengumpat kan, haha takpa takpa best best. Kah Lok and Shu Yuen, thanks sebab datang. Kalau tak, Biela touching dengan awak padan muka haha. And so sorry because saya TERbagitau Biela. Saya mintak address rumah dia then dia nampak nama Shu Yuen terus tak jadi nak tipu dah. Haha dia melompat okay awak dua nak datang. Haha snap snap then balik :D

At the cinema :P

EAT PRAY LOVE, awww perfect movie to watch for couple huh ? Haha i saw it with him yesterday. Man sooo romantic :D Thanks b ♥

Friday, October 8, 2010

Haa cakap jugak kau dengan aku kan ? Kalau tak, malu malu anjing, haha. Heh baru tegur beberapa minit terus mengumpat orang kan kita ni ? Haha almaklumlah story banyak simpan dalam stor selama beberapa bulan kan haha. Eh esok aku datang rumah kau ehem kau tunggu la aku nak bawak siapa yee hee :D

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Suddenly kau text aku ajak pergi open house kau. Heh buang tabiat apa kau ni. Dah sah sah kau benci aku heh now nak buat baik dengan aku pulak ? Haha just forget about it okay. I got tons of stuff to do so sorry la eh

Monday, October 4, 2010

I don't care what you wanna say about my blog. Its my blog, so i can post whatever i want. Just stop saying that i want to mencari publisiti murahan or what. Like i care hah ? You also got blog kan so we're just same okay baby ? I'm tired of peeps bad judgement about me. Dah lali dah. So the best way is mind your own business okay. And for Biela and Zara, i already forgave you guys. Just choose the best path for your own future okay

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh saya ada hutang awak eh ? Eh eh lupa laa along. Err maklumlah hutang banyak sangat kan tak tau nak langsaikan mana satu :) And mulut tu tak reti nak mintak ke ? Kat fb berani laa mintak, depan depan hampeh kan kan ? Haha btw, kalau awak nak duit awak balik, sila mintak by your own self okay. Tak payah laa guna kawan kawan baik awak mintak hutang duit sendiri. Kuno weh kuno :D Haha aahh memang boyfriend saya nak bayarkan pun, tu yang dia suruh awak mintak sendiri kat saya depan depan tu. Haa so, nak duit sangat kan ? Ask for it okay sayang :)

Friday, October 1, 2010


Tengok title pun dah tau kan pasal apa i nak cerita. Haa ni nak habaq mai. Semalam ada budak nampak benda halus tau. Sampi 4 ke 5 orang entah yang kena. Grr dah laa tidur dengan dorang that time. Ya Allah serammmmm -.- Dapat tau je ada budak kena, bantai tidur, baca ayat itu ini. Hesh tak berani nak tolong, kang tak pasal pasal semua kena haa naiyaaaa. Asalnya dorang kena sebab bising, ustazah suruh tidur taknak. Haa dah semua bantai memekak dalam masjid tu memang benda tu tak kacau la kan. Lepas tu dah baca baca semua haa baru semua lena tidur. Actually qiamulail start pukul 2.30. Haa bangun bangun je tengok eh asal ramai sangat ni ? Sekali tengok jam haa ambik kau, dah 5.50 ! Memang tak berqiamulail la aku kan, terus solat subuh je. Memang tak sedar langsung, haprak pun tak dengar and takda orang kejut pulak tu. Hesh menyesal -.-