Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day and First Intervensi test

Today is the D-day for mostly couples. Yet, i'm not celebrating it because i had test going around. Well, its not a sad thing if we not celebrate it. Becauseeeeeeeee, my birthday is around the corner ! Hehe taknak fikir sangat, yelah ada test satu then wang tidak berapa nak berkepuk sangat. So, enjoy with the wishes jela nanti kan kan kan ?

Oay back to the topic. About test. Today was BM and Physics paper 3 day. Bm, its K I N D A cool and Physics, H O N E S T L Y suck ! I don't know what goes around in my head when i faced the paper. Preparation, okay confident boleh buat. Tengok soalan, pergh lagi semangat nak buat. Then then, suddenly phewww blank habis !

Grrr menyesal menyesal ! Guys, don't do this to yourself. Hargai perasaan dan emosi orang yang akan menanda dan melihat kertas anda kelak.